Persistence when you don’t feel like it,

And all you want to do is forget.

When life hits you with a left hook,

And your only friend turns into a crook.

Persistence when that special girl says no,

And the traffic gets really slow.

When the odds are stacked against you,

And that rooster starts to coo.

Persistence when you are down for the count,

And zero it says in the account.

When you are losing the game by eight,

And they say it’s too late.

Persistence when you can’t see the reward,

And it feels like you’re overboard.

When there is the most resistance,

Persistence, persistence persistence.



The Bloody Storm

The water was red,

And run is what they said.

But that’s not how I was led.

For some reason, I laid in my bed.

There was a bloody storm coming,

But I just continued on with my humming.

 My shutters started to rattle.

I could hear the stress of my cattle,

But it just sounded like prattle.

Cause I knew I’d win this battle.

 The storm was there!

But there was something in me that didn’t care.

 One thing came to mind as I got cozy.

Holy, Holy, Holy

Is the Lord God Almighty.

Then no longer did I feel lonely.

 Then my roof arose,

And the red water came close.

 Then it hit my toes.

Then flooded up to my nose.

For some reason, I kept my pose,

Even though I started to decompose.

 What was this?

The feeling of sweet abyss.

In fact, it wasn’t water.

It was like blood from a slaughter,

But felt like an alter.

An alter of reorder.

 Then I wondered why they ran.

They should have gathered this in a can.

 It wasn’t any old blood in a bin.

It was blood that whipped away sin!

This blood wasn’t a scene of horror.

It was blood from the Savior!