A Change of Scenery

Riverside Wales

I was going to name this post something like “The Mind of a Jock” or something, but I didn’t want to lose your attention before you started reading.  I think this title is a better fit.  Anyways, I realized that I have not made a post explaining a little bit of who I am and why I started this blog.  So here it is, finally.

So, a little about myself…. And I think I will be open with this, too.  First off, I am no where near perfect, and I don’t ever want to claim to be.  I am pretty much a typical male that has been raised in the south.  Let’s just say if I was born on Saturday, I still made it to church the next day early enough to grab a coffee.  Okay, maybe just to get checked into the nursery.  I also, like typical southern boys, grew up playing baseball, basketball, and football.  So you can kind of say I also carried the title “jock.”  Like a lot of jocks, I was on and off track in a relationship with Christ and replaced it with relationships with girls.  Yes, you also probably guessed right, I did have my fair share of drugs and alcohol, too.  So, as much as I hate to say this, I did fit that stereotype.  I am definitely not perfect, and it feels good getting that out of the way.  BUT…

I’ll just fast forward to where I am now.  I got on fire and stable on those tracks with the Lord and moved to London to do missionary work in the UK.  Yes, that is when I realized that I fit the stereotype of a typical, patriotic, southern jock.  Being in London will make you realize that real fast.  There was something deep down that didn’t fit in that stereotype though, and that serviced while in the UK.  You see, I also grew up with music being a very big part in my life.  Whither that was my mom leading worship, listening to Bob Marley, or even playing music myself.  I always enjoyed finding a different perspective while looking at a photo, painting, or even a real landscape.  I also love reading peoples different perspectives.  So, there has always been this creative side of Trevor that I was embarrassed to show because, well you know, I was the “stereotypical jock.”  Jocks aren’t creative.  HAHA.  I bet there are actually A LOT of creative “jocks” out there.

Anyways, while in London I came to terms with the fact that my baseball career was done.  Would have been easier if that happened three years ago hahaha.  It so happened to be that the only way for me to have alone time was for me to put my head in a book or jam with my good friend Carlos.  So, without me even realizing, I was sparking my creative side.  I actually even started to feel like God wanted me to start to write.  Then, while my team was chilling riverside in Wales, I wrote a song.  A week later I began a great relationship with this guy named Kier.  He is a photographer and is currently working on a novel.  Right when the creative side started to spark, God sent someone with oil to turn the spark into flame.  (I’ll add his links at the end.)

Rereading this, I realized that in speaking this will seem rushed and vague, but I was trying to keep it short and to the point for the blog’s sake.

This brings me to this blog.  Honestly, this blog is my starting point.  I actually got the idea while reading Parker’s blog.  Parker is a good friend that I spent a lot of my Christian high school life with.  (Will also add his link.)  So, I guess you can say this is kind of an experiment, but hopefully it will keep the earlier title of starting point.  This blog is nothing special.  There may be changes of style because it is an experimental beginning to the change of scenery.  BUT, the main theme will be writing about the process of life.  Whither that is processing the day to day, new revelation, or seasons of life.  Also, since this is experimental, I will be posting poems that I write.  This is simply because of the start of this change (the song by the river.)

Point is… I am not perfect, this blog won’t be perfect, and my style of processing is not perfect, but maybe… just maybe, my process will help you with yours.

Hope my process helps you with yours.


PS The photo is of the time when I wrote the song riverside in Wales.

kieradams.com (Kier’s photography)

kieradam.wordpress.com (Kier’s blog)

parkerrichardson4.wordpress.com (Parker’s blog)



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