The Bloody Storm

The water was red,

And run is what they said.

But that’s not how I was led.

For some reason, I laid in my bed.

There was a bloody storm coming,

But I just continued on with my humming.

 My shutters started to rattle.

I could hear the stress of my cattle,

But it just sounded like prattle.

Cause I knew I’d win this battle.

 The storm was there!

But there was something in me that didn’t care.

 One thing came to mind as I got cozy.

Holy, Holy, Holy

Is the Lord God Almighty.

Then no longer did I feel lonely.

 Then my roof arose,

And the red water came close.

 Then it hit my toes.

Then flooded up to my nose.

For some reason, I kept my pose,

Even though I started to decompose.

 What was this?

The feeling of sweet abyss.

In fact, it wasn’t water.

It was like blood from a slaughter,

But felt like an alter.

An alter of reorder.

 Then I wondered why they ran.

They should have gathered this in a can.

 It wasn’t any old blood in a bin.

It was blood that whipped away sin!

This blood wasn’t a scene of horror.

It was blood from the Savior!



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